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San Francisco California Art Collectibles for ReSale

Collectible: an object suitable for a collection, originally a work of fine art or an antique, now including also any of a wide variety of items collected, or as an investment whose value may appreciate.

In this challenging time in our lives, and with a uncertain future regarding our economy, many art collectors are liquidating their art collections. You will find fine art authored by well known artists, at affordable prices. Because of our marketing and promotion on the internet both the seller and potential buyer negotiate directly, without any intermediate.

What makes a collectible is its rarity, meaning one of a kind, Plus the popularity of the artist and his or her creativity skills and art category. The demand for the artist and his or her artistic specialty add to the appeal. Within this website you will view one famous Marine, early era Sailing ships rendition, painted by the famous and esteemed artist Hans Skalagard.

Getting Assured

Our procedure for assurance, is to validate that each collectible listed within this site, has a certificate of authenticity, stating that the item is an original and the signature has been authenticated. The current owner of the collectible has the art work and the associated related paper work in their possession.

Terms of the sale are between the Seller and Potential buyer. Bookmark this webpage to visit frequently to see of any new additions.

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